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07 Jan

Public relations: Six keywords to guide and define

The six keywords that closet can be used to define public relations are: Deliberate, planned, performance, public interest, two-way communication, and management function.

Public relations must be deliberate, and the goal must be to provide information, gain authority, and to gather feedback. To be effective all communication with a practitioner’s public must be planned in a systemic informed manor that must go hand in hand with actual policies and performance because the art of public relations is a two-way stream of information and engagement. Most importantly (in my opinion,) are public relations as a management function. A practitioner is best suited to build a positive message if he is an integral part of the organization.

07 Jan

The evolution of the PR practitioner

In recent years we have seen an evolution in the way PR practitioners engage with the public, and how they engage with those within their organization(s). PR practitioners have come into the boardrooms, opposed to times past when they were sent memos when things are fine and were essentially called upon on only when things had gone awry. Public relations personnel have found a place at the head of the table as organization have found that their role is more significant and intrinsically valuable at the decision making process. Information and decisions are informed by the role of the PR professional. The role given to them in the past was simply to go out and relay information to the public-the newsletter or yearly update.

They are now an integral part of their organization. The newfound openness has helped practitioners become more engaged within the organization –and more importantly, with the public. The new role allows not only those in PR but the organization as a whole to have more impact and be more effective in both internal and external interactions.

Practitioners are now more openly and speedily (with the use of technology,) able to honestly and knowledgeably get a message to the masses. The art of being a silver-tonged PR practitioner is still well in use, but there is a higher emphasis on moral responsibility. The change of roles and directives removes the stigma of being a spin-doctor to that of being conscientious and ethical in the manner of doing business from the top down.