10 Jan

The eight basic elements of a PR plan

Putting together an effective PR plan can be like pulling teeth, but often times it is best to stand back and take a wide and hard look at what you are doing in relation to what you are trying to get done. As a rule of thumb, following the 8 elements gets you on the right path.

1) Situation: What is the problem, and what is desired?

2) Objectives: The specific set of actions the need to happen to create the change.

3) Audience: One must figure out who can supply what is needed.

4) Strategy: The over-arching themes and approaches will be used.

5) Tactics: Are the formation of smaller portions of the strategy –how it gets done.

6) Calendar/ timetable: A set of dates and deadline with goals to be reached by them in order to fully implement the campaign efficiently and effectively.

7) Budget: Both a means, and a guide to what strategies and tactics are feasible.

8 ) Evaluation: A set of benchmarks that should be set in place during the campaign planning process, which are to be used after (and sometimes during,) a campaign that is in full swing.

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