My teaching philosophy is a work in progress and has continued evolving over the years as an undergraduate student, a graduate student and trainer. My teaching philosophy is an extension of my passion for communication.

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” – Henry Adams

Teaching is more than a lesson being thought and a lecture being given; I firmly believe that teaching is the process of communicating the rhetorical, the relational and the practical applications of every lesson. Teaching is a process of sharing information and assisting students on their respective journeys. Teaching isn’t’ about trying to “cram” ideas, definitions and theories into students’ minds; it is an opportunity to guide them towards higher understanding and meaningful connections.

I take teaching my students seriously and strive to not only teach content, but also to make it relatable and personal. I believe in creating course material that reflects students’ lives. During lectures I strive to relate every aspect to students, society and demonstrate the practical application of the lesson. I believe that an educator should never be stagnant. It is our duty and my passion to continue learning and sharing what I learn.

I believe students should walk away from a course with a greater appreciation of academia. Students should not only have the opportunity to master the course content, they should also be able to master the skill of being a student. By setting clear expectations for my students backed by care, verbal and non-verbal immediacy and high levels of affect, it is my belief that I have the responsibility to make the most out of every moment in the classroom.



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